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Hi. My name is Brandon Hennis. I look forward to providing you guys some interesting tutorials on mobile devices, some past, some present. Please be advised the audio that is generated in the podcasts may not be the best in some cases. I will be working to better the equipment in the podcasts in the future. I am a totally blind podcaster and internet radio Broadcaster. I am a licensed amateur radio operator, and the official voice of bhsprn, the super spotlight radio network, as well as a keyboard musician. I work with technology from windows, to mac, to Linux, and I will be teaching you about various things. Be ready to enjoy and learn with me. If you have any questions, you may add me to Skype. My info is, chinmouth86 my twitter is, @keyboardplayer2 My facebook is And my hangouts address is My audio facetime info for mac is, My personal email is, If you are a ham, and wish to talk to me, Please email me and I will give you the IRLP nodes that I am active on. My echo link ID is node 275158. Take care.

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Brandon Hennis Update

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Battle of the screen eaders

I take you on a tour of the screen readers how they sound and so on
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Brandon Hennis Podcast Intro

Welcome to my podcast. I give you a welcome and hope you enjoy.
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I hope you enjoy!

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