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Hi. My name is Charles Wells. I'm happily married, living in Germany, at present on a temporary visa. I'm hoping to make that more permanent. I was born and raised in Shreveport Louisiana, then later moved to the Monroe/West Monroe area with my first wife. I still lived in that area of Louisiana by the time I met and married my second wife. After her death, and four years of grief, I met my third wife online and moved to the UK where I only lived a short while. That didn't turn out well at all, as my first marriage didn't. So, now I'm with my fourth wife, and very happily married as I said before. I was born in 1955, on September 26. I am mostly a has-been. I used to program in BASIC on non-IBM-compatible computers, two of them, the Radio Shack Color Computer, both the two and the three, and also on the Texas Instruments 99-4/A. The reason I count that as two computers is that the Cocos, as they are affectionately known as, are basically the same. I tuned pianos and also played professionally, but mostly in nightclubs. So, a has-been I am. I love meeting people, networking with them. I treasure my friendships, as they are rare, and I love people unconditionally.

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This is a recording at a nunnery we stayed at for a choir-related weekend. This is probably my last
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There Goes my Everything

Another old Jack Green song, my version. My keyboard for these songs, so far, is the Yamaha PSR-3000
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Statue of a Fool

Another old country song, I believe first done by Jack Green. This is my version.
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I Wouldn't Take Her to a Dog Fight

This is an old country song, a comedy thing.
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And I Love You So

This is my version of a song done by Perry Como, and others.
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I hope you enjoy!

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