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Welcome to Veljko S's page!

Hello there! My name is Veljko! I will do sum audio game playthrews and sum other random stuff i come up with. Enjoy! You can contact me on skype, my user name is: veljko5190

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Lets play adventure at c: part 1. The tutorial stage!

This is the first part of let's play Adventure at c:. Enjoy!
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A good waste of fiddling jerks

Yeah. Really... A good waste of fiddling jerks
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How to comunicate with a decktalk express

Well. This is a text file that i found, and i just made eloquence say it. Not really useful thing...
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Oooooooooooooops? Looks like stiboly died.

An other random thing that i made.
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I don't like you! Remix

Made it just cause i could. roflflflflflflflf
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Samantha, I am gonna kill you. On stage version

Lol. Just a on stage version of Samantha is gonna kill you
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This is just a test
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Hie guys, I want to ask you how to combine 2 files in gold wave, pleas answer!. Thanx
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I hope you enjoy!

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