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Welcome to patrick wilson's page!

hay there,i'm just a stupid kid makes ramdom audio.

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The Blind Mice show

The blind mice show is now a thing! To listen, go to th
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here's me trying to show my ultrapower server

well, not much to see here, just me trying, trying, to show my up server.
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just showing how i can't seem to play SBRW

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a test with phone and dropbox.

1130 views, and 3 likes.

it's time to die!

in this recording, i play The Killer. it's a great game! get it from
413 views, and 1 likes.

who am i?

just a little bit about me i'm 11 years old and blind
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adriano doing some startups of of of of

just a test
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I hope you enjoy!

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