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Hi. My name is Lapis Lazuli. I make and archive YTPMVs. YTPMV stands for "Youtube Poop Music Video" and is essentially turning video clips into music. I created this account because a friend of mine introduced me to it and I thought "sure i'll post some stuff here it looks active" I'll post my own YTPMVs and other peoples YTPMVs here. My Youtube Channel: All original creators will be credited.

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Tremolo Treble [bluekhezu]

Original Song - Hungarian Rapsody 2
64 views, and 1 likes.

Sailor It Right (Zuzusi)

Upload from Youtube. Original song: Doin It Right - Daft Punk
125 views, and 1 likes.

Two (TheZitronen)

Upload from Youtube. Original song: two_fucking_years.mod
66 views, and 0 likes.

Lewdvid (omniputance)

Upload from youtube. Original Song: Michu - Fap Fap Fap
575 views, and 0 likes.

Team Shokey 2 (YTPMV Painis)

Upload from youtube. Originally by YTPMV Painis. Yes thats the actual name of their channel dont a
139 views, and 0 likes.


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