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Hi guise. This is golden blind, As some of you might know, my real name is kianoosh. I'm a little musician and programmer and game developer. Speaking of programming I program in C#, develop audio games in both bgt and C# and design some simple webpages with both PHP and HTML. I'm 15 years old and currently studying in class 9 that can be said it is same as high school. Fortunately, I always was good at my lessons and hopefully I stay to be like that. Although maybe my country has some disadvantages to some other countries, But this is the glory of myne that i am an iranian. I'm Originally a shy boy, But when I make a friendship with someone, Everything will be change and you will experience how Humor I am. I had many problems and many things that they did make me too sad and even one time I Depressed for a long time but fortunately I again came back to my normal life after a while. I've been a (jerk) in games for a while, But again, fortunately as my age went up, I changed so much since those times. Nothing else to say, enjoy podcasting and listening!

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sylenth vst demmo

I had to do this into a different part because this one has loads of presets and i wanted to show yo
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a messy random demmo thing using reaper and vst(s)

Hay guys, I recorded a demmo of some vst(s) i have. Sorry for messing everything up, I have a bad de
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mortal combat XL game play of new characters

Hi guys. Today i came with a gjame play of the new characters in mortal combat XL, which we did not
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redspot teamwork demmo

This is a demmo of teamwork in redspot. LIsten and hope you learn how to get 3 people on a bike lol.
270 views, and 1 likes.

messy game(game play)

Hi guys. Some of you might heard that we were working on a game that was meant to be about western t
264 views, and 1 likes.

the killer having fun!

Yo people. I was playing in our test the killer server and i heard someone came online, I gave them
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An answer to the erlybird, comes from my friend

hello to readers. first of all, I'm wandering why did you bother to answer that pity name early bird
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Thanks for visiting my page. If I didn't have enough audio stuff to make you laugh and interest, I'm sorry but I hope you enjoyed my page. Have a nice time.

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