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Basic information Birthday: 1 December 1983 Gender: Female Languages: English (native speaker) Katharevousa (intermediate) Religious views: I respect The Gods and Goddesses of Hellenic Polytheism, but above all, I love Ellada, and those who made and who continue to make Her the best country in the world! People have rightly said that my nationalism is my religion. I firmly believe in the spiritual realm, where we go when we die, and I follow parapsychology in general, though I view it scientifically, not religiously. Political Views: Hellenic Nationalist Relationship: In a relationship with Nick Pagoulatos Anniversary: 10 January 2017 Biography Χαίρετε. Hello. I was born and live in New Jersey, America. Eleni Vamvakari is not my legal name, though it is what I use. I lack the blood, but am strictly a Hellenic nationalist. It's my ultimate dream in life to move To Greece, to become a citizen, and to serve my country in whatever way I can. For now, though, my goal is to learn all that I can about our history and culture, from ancient times through the present, so that I can promote Hellenism. I am also well-known for promoting The Revolution of 21 April 1967. I have studied Kathomiloumeni up to the intermediate level, but have completely switched to Katharevousa in both writing and speech, and strictly use the polytonic system. I have been totally blind since I was two-months-old and use a screen reader with speech. Please do not tag me in an image or send one to me without describing it. I am in a wonderful relationship, so am not seeking anyone for anything more than friendship. My podcasts will usually consist of essays, poems, stories, or general commentary on life. I love debating, but always try to remain civil. That said, I am extremely honest and do not believe in the idea of political correctness. Below are a few of my interests. I'm not a girly girl, so I am not interested in fashion, hair/nails, makeup, or jewellery, other than my braille watch, my flag pin, and other patriotic items. I also don't diet, go to gyms, do drugs, drink alcoholic beverages, or go to clubs. 21 April, 4 August, age gap relationships, ancient Greece, animals, audio games, baking, basket weaving, board games, braille, broom making, cards, ceramics, chair caning, cigarettes, cigarette lighters, coffee, coins, cooking, Crete, deportation of illegals and refugees, dictatorship, dimotika, diners, dominoes, fishing, formal language, flee markets, gardening, Georgios Papadopoulos, grammatical prescriptivism, Greece, Greek food, Greek politics, handicrafts, Hellenic Air Force, Hellenic Army, Hellenic Navy, Hellenism, history, intactivism, Ioannis Makriyannis, Ioannis Metaxas, Katharevousa, Leonidas I of Sparta, Lykourgos of Sparta, modern Greek, military rule, MSDOS, nationalism, naturopathy, Neolaia Alkimon, netbooks, Nikolaos Makarezos, organic food, paradosiaka, parapsychology, Patras, patriotism, pro choice, pro death penalty, pro euthanasia, pro gay rights, raw milk, reading, rebetika, records, recipes, rembetika, stamps, soap making, Sparta, Stelianos Pattakos, sterilisation, swimming, tea, tomboys, trixordo, UltraMobile PCs, Windows XP, writing

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