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Basic information Birthday: 1 December 1983 Gender: Female Languages: English (native speaker) Katharevousa (intermediate) Religious views: I respect The Gods and Goddesses of Hellenic Polytheism, but above all, I love Ellada, and those who made and who continue to make Her the best country in the world! People have rightly said that my nationalism is my religion. I firmly believe in the spiritual realm, where we go when we die, and I follow parapsychology in general, though I view it scientifically, not religiously. Political Views: Hellenic Nationalist Relationship: Single Biography Χαίρετε. Hello. I was born and live in New Jersey, America. Eleni Vamvakari is not my legal name, though it is what I use. I lack the blood, but am strictly a Hellenic nationalist. It's my ultimate dream in life to move To Greece, to become a citizen, and to serve my country in whatever way I can. For now, though, my goal is to learn all that I can about our history and culture, from ancient times through the present, so that I can promote Hellenism. I am also well-known for promoting The Revolution of 21 April 1967. I have studied Kathomiloumeni up to the intermediate level, but have completely switched to Katharevousa in both writing and speech, and strictly use the polytonic system. I have been totally blind since I was two-months-old and use a screen reader (NVDA) with speech. My podcasts will usually consist of essays, poems, stories, or general commentary on life. I love debating, but always try to remain civil. That said, I am extremely honest and do not believe in the idea of political correctness. Below are a few of my interests. I'm not a girly girl, so I am not interested in fashion, hair/nails, makeup, or jewellery, other than my braille watch, my flag pin, and other patriotic items. I also don't diet, go to gyms, do drugs, drink alcoholic beverages, or go to clubs. 21 April, 4 August, age gap relationships, ancient Greece, animals, audio games, baking, basket weaving, board games, braille, broom making, cards, ceramics, chair caning, cigarettes, cigarette lighters, coffee, coins, cooking, Crete, deportation of illegals and refugees, dictatorship, dimotika, diners, dominoes, fishing, formal language, flee markets, gardening, Georgios Papadopoulos, grammatical prescriptivism, Greece, Greek food, Greek politics, handicrafts, Hellenic Air Force, Hellenic Army, Hellenic Navy, Hellenism, history, intactivism, Ioannis Makriyannis, Ioannis Metaxas, Katharevousa, Leonidas I of Sparta, Lykourgos of Sparta, modern Greek, military rule, MSDOS, nationalism, naturopathy, Neolaia Alkimon, netbooks, Nikolaos Makarezos, organic food, paradosiaka, parapsychology, Patras, patriotism, pro choice, pro death penalty, pro euthanasia, pro gay rights, raw milk, reading, rebetika, records, recipes, rembetika, stamps, soap making, Sparta, Stelianos Pattakos, sterilisation, swimming, tea, tomboys, trixordo, UltraMobile PCs, Windows XP, writing

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Seeking Books and Technology

In this podcast, I discuss several items that I am seeking. If you or someone who you know has them,
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Working DOS Machine!

At last, I have a working DOS machine, thanks to the wonderful help that I received here!
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Handicrafts/Blind Trades

I am extremely interested in learning handicrafts, most of which would be considered blind trades.
78 views, and 1 likes.

DOS Virtual Machine

Can someone please help me create a DOS virtual machine, either with VMware Player 6 or Talking Dosb
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Talks, Mobile Speak and a Rant

Are Talks and Mobile Speak still being sold? Whatever happened to Code factory? Are they even sell
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Favourite Christmas Shows

What are your favourite Christmas shows? Here, I discuss a few of mine. I mostly explained the obs
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Symbian Questions

I have decided to try Symbian. I am hoping that some Nokia phone users can answer a few questions r
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Terrible Tragedy in Greece

As I said, I was an emotional wreck when I was speaking. I don't follow the news and tragedies in t
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Deleting Personal Information

How do I delete my Linked In account and other traces of my name on the Internet without asking for
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Windows Mobile Versus Symbian

I have a few questions regarding these operating systems. Please, let us not turn this into a discu
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A Site Suggestion

Would it be possible to add a comments field when viewing the recordings on "Your Page"?
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NVDA Remote Worries

I am extremely concerned over the hack of the NVDA Remote server. Can someone please tell me what i
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Loss and Healing

After loss, there is healing, and sometimes, grief makes you stronger. This is the story of the lov
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A Birthday Prayer

This poem is dedicated, with love and appreciation, to Brigadier General Stylianos Pattakos, on what
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The Journey

A woman has a strange dream and goes on a journey that she will never forget, all with a very unlike
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The Changing of the Guard

An old man shares his wisdom with his son and the torch is passed to him.
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Oxi Day 2017

I would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy, and safe Oxi Day 2017. In this video, I explain the
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Three Wise Men

A poem dedicated to Colonel Georgios Papadopoulos, Colonel Nikolaos Makarezos, and Brigadier General
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Musings in The Dark

A poem dedicated to Colonel Papadopoulos.
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Ode to Katharevousa

A tribute to the most beautiful form of Greek.
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An Explanation of Katharevousa

Here, I briefly explain the meaning and history of Katharevousa and quickly mention the polytonic an
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A Terrible Dream

A dream that, thankfully, never came true. Of course, I never really dreamed it, but I did think ab
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Scribd Questions

How can I access, edit, and delete the content that I uploaded and delete my account. I logged in w
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A Day to Remember

A poem of two young women wishing to reclaim some of their past, or at least, the past that was told
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A Life's Lesson

This is a very strange but touching story that I wrote some years ago. Please excuse the grammatica
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The Politician

Wouldn't it be great if all politicians were this honest?
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A Patriotic Meeting

A poem about friends meeting to discuss the past and their dreams.
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When the Army Comes Again

A poem of hope for the future.
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Modern Ethnikofron (nationalist)

I may not look like the old kind, and I don't always act like it either, but I can when necessary.
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Still Among Us

Dedicated to Colonel Georgios Papadopoulos. Even though he is not physically with us, that doesn't
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Memories are bitter sweet. To those who experienced The Revolution of 21 April.
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The Old Computer

Just because it's old that doesn't mean it's worthless. Here's a happy little poem for lovers of MS
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The Ultimate Gift

A poem of inspiration for those who feel like giving up.
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You Know You're Under House Arrest When

Here is a funny piece about always being stuck in the house.
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To the Pure Among Us

Sometimes, innocence truly is bliss
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How many of you always procrastinate? What steps have you taken to try to avoid doing so?
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Halloween Costumes and Stupidity

Here, I rant about the current trend of being offended at everything and especially about costumes f
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Fidget Spinners

I'm normally not interested in modern trends, but I came upon this by chance. Do you have a fidget
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Being Misunderstood

Here, I describe the ways in which I am misunderstood. Please feel free to add your own thoughts or
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Political Summary

This is an extremely quick summary of my political views. Please free to ask questions.
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Your Environment

How many of you live on a busy street, near and airport, a train station, or in a generally noisy ar
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Three Recording Programs

Here, I discuss three different programs for recording. Recordpad, Cok Free Mp3 Recorder, and Virtu
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Go Mic Direct in Mono

This is the Go Mic Direct in mono. Which do you like better?
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Go Mic Direct

Here, I talk about my Go Mic Direct and my original Go Mic.
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Quick Questions on Using Tags Here

Can I use tags, or keywords, in the descriptions of my podcasts/recordings? I'll write a quick exam
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IBM Model M Keyboard (clicky)

Here, I demonstrate the sound of my IBM Model M keyboard from 1989 and discuss its features, as well
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My Views on Meet the Blind

Here, I share my views on a controversial issue in the blind community, the so-called Meet the Blind
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My Greekness: How It Began

This is the story of why I love everything Hellenic. Usually, I correct mistakes in my essay readin
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Greek Podcast: Ξάχνω Διὰ Καθαρευουσιάνους

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My Samson Go Mic

Here, I explain my Samson Go Mic, which I am using to make these podcasts, and I also give a brief d
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Introduction or My First Podcast

This is just a little introduction where I explain the sorts of things that you'll be hearing in my
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This is just a test of site accessibility with NVDA. Update! I can edit and delete perfectly! I a
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