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hi. My name is Crayton Benner. I am a very easy going person most of the time, love to read books, chat with people, and do audio work when ever I can.

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How to make your macintosh computer a talking clock

In this recording, I show you how you can make your mac a talking clock. The steps are very easy and
94 views, and 0 likes.

Pontiac grand pre 3.8

Well, listen to this file. I think you car fans, especially though of you who are the fans of GM veh
132 views, and 0 likes.

a morning outside

In this recording, I decide to take my t100 and andreas outside and record morning nature. Enjoy!!!
146 views, and 0 likes.

how easy it is to create a voice over in Amadeus pro

Here you guys go!!! I show you just how easy it is to create a voice over in Amadeus pro by showing
179 views, and 0 likes.

a review of the blue snowball ice

Here is a review of a new microphone that I purchased. It is the blue snowball ice. I know, it is fr
207 views, and 0 likes.

Using safari on the mac

Me and my friend demonstrate safari on the mac
169 views, and 0 likes.

printing a document with the hp printing app for your IPhone

In this quick audio demo, I show you how to print from the HP printing app using your IPhone.
149 views, and 1 likes.

iPad Pro speakers

Hello everyone! After a long time of not uploading any audio, I am back. This time, I give you a lit
204 views, and 0 likes.

a quick review of the andrea electronics software

I show you a bit of the andrea electronics software
240 views, and 0 likes.

victor reader stream part two, my thoughts

Well, here is finally victor reader part two. I give my thoughts on what I think of the player.
333 views, and 0 likes.

wind, wind, and even more wind

well... I decided to go outside and record the wind with my zoom h1. I had it on it's stick which on
227 views, and 1 likes.

a random binaural recording

well, I decided to take my zoom h1 and my andrea electronic binaural microphones and do just random
291 views, and 2 likes.

victor reader stream unboxing

in this first part of a series that I am starting, I unbox my new victor reader stream second genera
222 views, and 2 likes.

a new series of podcasts that I am starting

check this file out! I hope you enjoy the new series that will begin on August the third.
248 views, and 0 likes.

a quick dropbox tip for mac os10 users

I give you a quick tip for the dropbox application for mac os10. please take a listen and enjoy.
259 views, and 0 likes.

I hope you enjoy!

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