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Hi. My name is Casey Scoffield.

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good-bye my friend

My Second story in the creepy pasta genre. A heartbreaking tale about two men in the United States C
450 views, and 3 likes.

I sold my soul to the devil to be a gangsta, big mistake!

I am writing short stories on the Internet, hoping to join the creepy pasta genre. I hope you like i
225 views, and 3 likes.

Jaws rise of the demon EP 1, a bullet for truth

Well my friends, this is it. The first episode of the brand new series. I give you, Rise of the demo
576 views, and 26 likes.

Jaws rise of the demon entro and opening seen

Want a little taste? yes you do! Thee opening seen and entro to the new jaws project. comment! enjoy
404 views, and 7 likes.

no time left standing.

based off the audio game, shades of doom, take a look in to my next project, once rise of the demon
469 views, and 4 likes.

Jerney to Jaws

A new project in the works from Casey. My story. My life! eighteen years of stories and audio. and h
506 views, and 1 likes.

Jaws, Rise of the demon first live trailer

take a sneak peek in to the back story of Jaws for windows is a murderer in this first look at our n
674 views, and 14 likes.

get ready for what's coming next!

it's coming at long long last! Jaws. Rise of the demon. The story before the story! Are you ready? W
519 views, and 11 likes.

W O W, Polgore vs Ultran, W O W I C championship match

With two of our youngest stars in the main event on this historic new year show of World of wrestlin
267 views, and 0 likes.

W O W, Blazey bone VS Master E

well this ain't jaws. This is something totally different. But it's my second love behind God and Fa
436 views, and 15 likes.

Jaws for windows is a murderer part 5 part 2, the final battle!

I decided to re-upload this final part of the series. I noticed that some were getting confused and
1026 views, and 8 likes.

jaws for windows is a murderer part 5 part 1, speed of death!

Part 5 was so big it had to be two parts. the first in this action packed thriller, is here! It is h
1378 views, and 55 likes.

Jaws for windows is a murderer part 4. Love, death, and war!

With our story really heating up, after the deaths of the doctor and his wife, Now what? Is Alex in
910 views, and 16 likes.

Jaws for windows is a murderer part 3. Hunt, Or be hunted!

Our story continues. Jaws! He's back, and he's on the hunt for Alex. What will he do to get at him?
765 views, and 10 likes.

Jaws for windows is a murderer part 2. Back from the dead

Part 2 of our story. how could anyone survive? What of Jaws? find out!
812 views, and 9 likes.

Jaws for windows is a murderer

It all begins here. JFW is a murderer part 1. Don't be scared!
1783 views, and 9 likes.

I hope you enjoy!

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