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Welcome to adel spence's page!

Hi. My name is Adel Spence.

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I cant play redspot! need help!

wen I tri to play, that' hapones
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playing 2d platformer

Just playing 2d pladformer
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my website

well, this is my website. (not on the web yet) anyway, injoy!
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the first time i'm talking with my voice!

well, i'm talking about somethings. please like and enjoy!
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the audio website

the audio website does not work on my computer, so i'm putting this here to see if i can g
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all my voices in nvdA

in this recording, I sho you all of my voices for nvdA.
2609 views, and 0 likes.

doing things in stw.

just me playing stw. it sounds good.
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wellcom to my first audio clip!

hello everyone wellcom! to my anyaudio page!
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I hope you enjoy all of my audio!

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