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Welcome to Simter Simio's page!

Welcome to simterplay. I like to create lez plays in german and english. Just wait. Feel free to share this page or the feed with friends. Sorry for my bit strange english and spelling.

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scrolling battles 8.6 (1) getting started

Hi. I am playing sb8.6 by mason armstrong. The reason why i put the 1 in braces is because I will co
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Imenent death!

So I am playing Imenent death with some modifications. I basically deleted the standert enemy philes
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survive the wild3 real fishing and hunting

yes yes yes! I managed to fish. And i huntet. I think I sayes sometimes stream instead of letz play,
67 views, and 0 likes.

survive the wild2 i don't see how this fishing works

So. I tried to go fishing. I did just as it was discribed in the readme. But my fishingpoole just br
50 views, and 0 likes.

survive the wild1 building a pott, cutting down a trea and wasting a match and a flare

Ok, The name tells everything. Next part will follow really soon. If you want me to play other games
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talking about my recording setup.

In this potcast, I am just talking about my recording setup. You can get the virtual recorder from h
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crime hunter3 beeting level4 and failing level5

So. I beet level4 the first time. But I failed at the 5th. Enjoy.
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crime hunter2 just a boring forest

So. Some comments: I had to switch the microphone during the recording due to sound errors. And leve
27 views, and 0 likes.

crime hunter1 cruising about some streeds withs enemies and cars

So. That's the first part of my crime hunter lez play. I am playing level 1 and 2. Download the game
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update for the morning of the 2018.04.27

just a little status update voiced by espeak
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upload test

just a stupit test i messing around with dectalk poul and some other stuff and info.
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hope you enjoy!

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