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Hello and welcome to my little insanity house! In here I will be uploading various audio clips that might be unrelated to each other whatsoever. Clips will include snippets of dramatized books (mostly fantasy), music, or anything that comes out of my little demon-infested world. On incredibly rare moments I might actually post a recording/advertise about something, though that has a very slim chance of happening, as I don't usually voice. If, however, you manage to somehow break through that barrier you'll find me a very talkative bunny. Last but not least, I am a nerd of Brandon Sanderson's fictional universe called the Cosmere, where a lot of his books and worlds take place. As a side effect of this, I will be posting thrilling snippets of the beginning of each book to try and pull you in and add another nerd. **Can never have too many nerds!** Feel free to get a hold of me on the following: Skype/twitter/facebook: Rowroad Just kindly let me know who you are if you add me on any of these.

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I hope you enjoy!

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