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Hi! My name is Miguel Pacheco. I have decided to use various usernames, and although I haven't set one as official yet, the one I'm using (Exink) is the most recent that I came up with. (Maybe later I'll post what it means, but don't worry, this does not have to do with the hell or something :D). However, if you see at any forum to "HummingBirdGuy", undoubtedly it's me. But well, let's stop talking about this since most people perhaps won't care usernames and stuff. Nevertheless you can find me on Survive The Wild as Saniel-yunier and on Playroom as Exink to get an idea about who I am. If you are still confussed, let me introduce myself. I'm Miguel Pacheco as I have stated above; I'm 17 years old (but I'll be 18 after some months), and I am from Mexico. I like all about music, technologies, informatics and languages, then this is the right site for me and the other people who like the audio content as well, so it would be great to find new friends here! I do think the stuff I'll upload will be, basically, new midi tracks that I'll do, maybe some podcasts and something different than this; so if you notize me on one of my audios playing a game, I'm just trying to do something new! :) If you want to send me a message, you can do it via e-mail, through Twitter (@colibripacheco) or Skype (live:miguel_a1418). I hope we can discover new contents very soon! Best regards.

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Gameplay for Pipe 2

Hello! In this recording, I'm playing one of bsc titles, this one is named Pipe 2 or Blast Chamber.
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Issue with Eloquence and korean reading

Hi all! I'm back here with another audio file, but this one is to ask you for some help. I have post
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Gameplay Danger On The Wheel

Hello everyone! IN this recording, my first recording here, gonna record myself playing Danger On Th
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I hope you enjoy!

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