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Hi. My name is Donavin Liebgott. I am an amateur field recordest, so this page will contain mostly sound effects. I have a very bubbly personality, would love to make friends. My skype name is Donavin63.

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Sirens at the Sasol Limited gas to liquad petrochemical refineries

Recorded in the town of Sasolburg. This is the sound of the sirens going off at the Sasol limited p
138 views, and 1 likes.

Distant newyears fireworks recorded in binaural

This is the sounds of Newyear celebrations from a distance, recorded using Andrea Electronics SB205S
116 views, and 0 likes.

Binaural thunder from inside house

Note: Use headphones for best experience. This recording was made during a severe thunderstorm. Mic
138 views, and 2 likes.

Severe thunderstorm recording

This storm started over Gauteng Province of South Africa at about 3:30PM. The recording includes my
152 views, and 3 likes.

First Spring thunderstorm Part 2

This is the first Spring rains in South Africa, the storm arrived at about 12:00AM and was 45DBZ on
142 views, and 1 likes.

First Spring thunderstorm part 1

This is the first Spring rains in South Africa, the storm arrived at about 12:00AM and was 45DBZ on
147 views, and 0 likes.

Backyard ambience

Ambience of a suburban backyard in a small town in South Africa, recorded with my new zoomH4NPro. So
190 views, and 1 likes.

A new hunting game demonstration

Hi and welcome to my very first podcast with my friend ashley, today we'll be demonstrating a game c
443 views, and 1 likes.

Gale Force wind out side during #Cape Storm

This recording was made later during the day out side my flat, I am standing in a sheltered area, so
204 views, and 1 likes.

Gale force wind at night during the #Cape Storm

This is the start of the biggest storm aka cold front to hit the Cape Town and surrounding areas for
190 views, and 0 likes.

Trip to Seal Island part 2

This is part 2 of our trip to Seal Island, in this recording you'll hear the boat ride, the swell wa
235 views, and 0 likes.

Trip to Seel Island part 1

Today my family and I decided to visit Seal Island witch is a small rocky Island just off the coast
212 views, and 0 likes.

Dockside at the Victoria and Alfred waterfront.

I did this recording on a suspension bridge overlooking the docks, you can hear the waves crashing a
201 views, and 0 likes.

Boat horn at the Victoria and Alfred waterfront

This is a short recording I made as a boat came to dock at the Victoria and Alfred waterfront in Cap
210 views, and 0 likes.

Waves on the South African east coast

I recorded the waves on the beach in the resort town of Winklespruit, near Durban South Africa. The
243 views, and 1 likes.

Thunder storm under umbrella

Me walking along a street in South Africa, you can hear the rain on the umbrella and the thunder ove
394 views, and 1 likes.

I hope you enjoy!

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