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Welcome to Ty Gillespie's page!

This is a podcast service for blind tech lubbers Named evan and ty

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the apps i have on my acer laptop. kind of a fail

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speech player in espeak sapi 5. how to set up and use

feel free to contact me on skype. my name is bendog2015
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gnuspeech command line program demo

74 views, and 0 likes.

a breef update podcast

48 views, and 1 likes.

a couple midy files i found

This is a recording of a couple cool midys I found. The file is huge with thousands of midys. I coud
88 views, and 0 likes. is fucked and randomness

117 views, and 0 likes.

an introsduction to evan

In this podcast, evan introduses himself over phone. don't worry. He will make his own podcasts soon
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My recording set up.

In this recording, I show you guys my recording setup. At least for now. I am getting my own office
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Softvoice for NVDA

In this recording, I demo the soft voice add/on for NVDA, Non Visual desktop access. Enjoy
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A new accessible recorder

In this podcast, I show you guys a new recorder i found called vertual recorder. I had used this rec
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My windows 10 computer specks

In this recording, I show y'all the specks of my primary computer, a acer asiper 2015. enjoy!!!!!!!!
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a breef demo of my new keybord

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Trying to install audasity on 2 windows computers both made in 2011 and crashing them both

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Demo of vm ware player 12 and randomness

80 views, and 0 likes.

random tech podcast part 1

I am starting a new series. Enjoy
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New macanical keybord!!! for only 30 dollars?

I just got a new macanical keybord. for only 30 dollars!!!!!!!!!
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How to fix Old eloquence

In this podcast, I show you how to fix the old eloquence addon for nvda
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this is a test podcast
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I hope you enjoy!

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