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Hi. My name is nicholas McColm. Currently I am doing soundfont audio but plan to expand to audio reviews when I get a microphone. my influences include Kogy kondo (of super mario bros. fame), nobuo uomatsu (Squaresoft's music composer), the Angry video game nerd (and his arch-nemesis the LJN Defender), Pat "the nes punk" contry, markus "markiplier" fishbock, shaun "jacsepticai" mcloughlin, Jon "Duke nukem" St. Jon, jason "sonic" griphith, Ugy Naka (creator of sonic), Satoru iwada (Poor iwata, you have died so young. damn you sneaky cancer!), charles "mario" martenet, doug "the nistalja cridic" walker, my brother (who's youtube channel, silver smoke games, is a must watch! seriously, do it now! or I'll bannish you to a chemical plant zone from which you will never return!) and the ilustrious David Whise.

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if the dos port of Double dragon was made by ID Software

double dragon, one of the most influencial beat em up arcade games, was ported to dos by Melborn hou
272 views, and 0 likes.

metal gear soundtrack arrangement

this is an arrangement of the soundtrack to metal gear for the msx. I made it in response to what I
307 views, and 0 likes.

if the dos port of castlevania was made by ID software

Castlevania, one of the greatest games on the nes, was ported by Konami and DSI in 1988. unfortunate
264 views, and 0 likes.

if the dos port of contra was made by Id Software

contra, the game that single handedly invented the run-and-gun platformer genre, was ported to DOS b
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any audio promo

this is a promo for my channel. I hope you enjoy!
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windows7 comercial

this is a comercial for windows7 I made. inspired by jake gross's "don't eat dumpster food" dectalk
511 views, and 0 likes.

ljn defender paroty-maximum carnage review

in this paroty of the LJN defender, E speak reviews what many consider ljn's diamond in the rough: m
325 views, and 0 likes.

the chicken dance (amiga soundfont)

"octoberfest!" -medic from team fortris 2
1886 views, and 0 likes.

there are 7 days (snes soundfonts)

for my first upload on this new site, Let's get a little...nestalgic. with this snes version of my f
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