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Hi. My name is john dowling. I'm a music producer, and a tech lover. I also love audiogames. follow me on twitter! @blindkid55 please checkout what I have to offer. thank you

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sea of faces, cover by me.

this file was produced yesterday at about 11 or so, done with just a backing track, an iPhone 5S mik
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all my rowdy friends, have settled down, FT Matthew Monias

hey guys. so, I made an audio production a few months back, and one of my friends helped with it. th
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rainbow connection.

do you guys remember that old song kermit the frog used to sing in those old muppet movies? well, th
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I hate you I love you cover.

I no rich did one of these, but I couldn't resist. rofl. enjoy.
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welcome to my any audio account!

hi guys. I no I should've posted this before my beatstar review, but I didn't want to. so here you
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a review of beatstar. a fun audiogame for windows!

hi guys. today, I'm doing a review of beatstar. a really fun audiogame for windows. I hope you en
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I hope you enjoy!

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