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aarush raging over not getting a pikachu

length: 00:16:20

ahahaha so this is a clip of me playing redspot, whenever I wanna rage I go to the melee arena cause ther'es lot of blood and gore and smash and boom there, roflrofl, so when I missed Pikachu, this is what I did. yes I didn't necessarily win each and every fight, but since I was recless, so I deserved to die a few times too didn't I? roflroflrofl. anyways, another thing, sorry for the stopping recording again and again had to attend to some work and since its just a worthless piece of crap video, so meh am to laisy to edit that out roflrofl. my brailemon playthrough might come out later today, with a surprise, actually, a few surprises.

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Uploaded on May 10, 2018 7:49 am by godfatherAarush.


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