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Seeking Books and Technology

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In this podcast, I discuss several items that I am seeking. If you or someone who you know has them, please contact me here or at elvam 2167 at gmail dot com. Here is a quick summary of the items. Books (Braille, brf, rtf, txt, audio cassette, floppy disk, cd rom, or vynil.) 1. Expectations Magazine. 2. Cricket Magazine 3. old cookbooks 4. craft books for the blind 5. anything having to do with MSDOS and compatible programs 6. up-to-date information on Symbian and/or Linux Technology 1. a document camera for ocr scanning (compatible with XP and 7) 2. a dot matrix printer (compatible with XP and 7) 3. a Keynote Gold SA or Companion 4. a qwerty phone 5. a UMPC that runs Windows XP 6. a wind-up braille clock

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