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A game I've been hacking at over the last three weeks

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*Please read this description, or you'll be confused: First of all though, should I continue this? -This sounds like it at first, but it is not a clone of Marinabreak: it uses similar physics and sound mechanisms, but no code or sound was stolen what soever for this project, and I'm not playing the actual marinabreak game. I do give credit to Yukio though for explaining the physics he used to me, so I could get a start on my project. -All Marinabreak sounds used in this recording came packaged in a subcategory of the Cat Tools Sound Library, which I purchased for $10. They are not stolen. The ball sound is a sine tone I generated, and is quite dissimilar to that of Marinabreak. A while back, I created a game called Break Out the S Quad Way. While the concepts demonstrated within were cool in my opinion, I coded it in one day, didn't make it flexible, and gave it a very crappy and unpredictable movement system. Over the years since, I've been off-and-on coming back to the concept, though didn't really start taking it seriously until recently. After some thought, primarily worries that it would just be written off as a clone, I finally decided to contact Yukio and ask how the hell he did his ball movement and such. It turned out simple: Yukio threw together a little email explaining his movement system, and I found it to be rather simple. So, a couple weeks ago, I started what is in this recording. I had to do a lot of experimentation, but here is my result. What gets demonstrated here is the timed scoring mode, which is explained in the recording. *Here are keys that I pressed: -T: announces the remaining time, and the accumulated score for that round. -Tab: pauses the round, and pulls up the object view, which shows all balls and blocks on the field, and their stats. -Escape: I pressed this at the beginning of round 2 to go ahead and abort the game, and reward me my accumulated earnings thus far. * other things I can do with this engine that I have done my best to make as flexible as possible, I can quite easily: -create balls and paddles with different stats -have multiple balls on the field at once: The reason we had the ball's name in the object view, was that if there were multiple balls, you could see which one was where. My code comes packaged by default for support for multi-ball games, though that wasn't needed in timed_mode. -The balls and paddles have Hp. This is designed so that after a lot of use, they eventually break, forcing you to purchase new equipment with the coins you saw me earn after finishing that game. -Pressing the escape key in the middle of a level, like I did at the end there, will quit the game and reward you coins (1 coin for every 50 points in that mode). -I can set the elasticity of all game objects, including level bounds, individually. This means I can create levels where each time the ball hits something, its energy could be seriously zapped. -I have more available in this engine, such as a custom level parser, but this is not complete and therefore subsequently not demonstrable at this time.

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