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a legendary analog synth

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This is korg's emulation of the Arp Odyssey. In 1971, ARP instrument's arp 2600 was a success, but it wasn't as portable. In 1972, Arp instruments made a duophonic synthesizer that rivaled the Minimoog, IN fact some musicians preferred the arp odyssey over the minimoog. 3 different models of the odyssey were produce. Mk1, from 1972-1975, MK2, from 1975-1978, and MK3, from 1978 until arp's closure in 1981. Each model has a different filter circuit. In 2014, Korg, alongside arp's second founder David friend, "that actually is his name". and made the korg arp odyssey. In 2016, Korg made a desktop version and an app, and in 2017 a vst synth. Now you can truly see how legendary this synth really is.

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