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Choice Samples Mixtape: A Groovy Movie

length: 00:03:14

Despite being totally blind, both of us at Mini Nifty enjoy movies. Movies are so varied; some are indeed super visual and would need a lot of description; others are easy to understand with just sound effects and dialogue; the latter is the kind you can find in audio-only format on But this little collage of clips, which all either mention movies in general or mention specific titles, come from movies both mainstream and indie, television both mainstream and indie, and songs both mainstream and indie, and occasionally some podcast clips that are mostly indie. Clips of movie critics, both mainstream (Siskel and Ebert) and online (The Cinema Snob, Otoobach); if you're a film buff, these clips are for you. This is a work of sound collage, so no violation is intended.

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Uploaded on January 1, 2017 4:27 am by nifty.


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