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Trip to Seel Island part 1

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Today my family and I decided to visit Seal Island witch is a small rocky Island just off the coast of Houtbay South Africa, the Island gets it's name because of the 35 colonies of Cape Fur Seals that live on this Island, over 60000 of them. In part one my family and I drive to Houtbay, then we walk along the promenade towards the docks, then we buy some coffee, as it's quite chilly. And then we board the fairly sized boat at the end of the recording, note: most of the dialogue is held in Afrikaans, witch is my native language. Recording was made using the Zoom IQ7 microphone set at 120 degrees onto my Iphone 5S. I hope you enjoy, part2 will be more exciting!

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Uploaded on June 4, 2017 2:48 pm by Donavin63.


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