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some redspot, and some cool music i guess

length: 00:08:22

Ok hi guys, isuck here. I am playing on cuddleysredspot server, and fine, lets post the god damn link in here, more people should know about it and to ivan or carter if they see this fuck off, others have it find the people who are editing it to use the new version and shit and fuck them over, cuddley isn't even coding shit with it so shut the fuck up, he just got it and hosting for others to enjoyl. Ok here is the link If you are curious about the music its the 5 and 6 level in the stw sound pack and the part at the end with dec talk saying stuff is the 4thlevel. It is hard to get so let me put it in here. You can e-mail me at with questions comments or suggestions as well as in this comment section. If I don't respond right away I might be busy but I did see it threw notifications. So thanks and good buy.

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Uploaded on May 16, 2018 5:19 pm by Gamesfordays2.


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