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playing new game, Blinded Guide by L-Works, made it to level 14 on easy

length: 00:24:18

This is a recording of me playing Blinded Guide by L-works on easy difficulty. The game was released less than 24 hours ago, and this was only my third run through. I've never gotten this far. This is no doubt one of my favorite arcade titles! The recording was slightly edited to remove repetitive prompts. Flac audio is available upon request.

For those who don't know, Blinded Guide is a game where you guide Blind Bob on his walk. On the left side of the sidewalk is the street and on the right side is the neighbor's dog Oliver, who follows you and hates people so much that he practically tries to eat them. These two things on the sides serve as boundaries so you should not step too close to them or you lose a life. There are also other obstacles on the sidewalk such as poles, sewers, trees, fire hydrants, construction work, garbage cans, and bicycles. These all have their own dimensions and placement on the sidewalk i.e. sewers are closer to the left side of the sidewalk, trees are in the grass on the right side near the yard where Oliver lives, and bikes move left to right across the sidewalk making them very difficult to avoid unless you stay in the grass dangerously close to one of the boundaries. Thus, to get good at this game, you have to anticipate where things will be placed before you are too close, and try to weave a path in between or around the various obstacles.

The game is free at present, though Liam has mentioned adding additional paid content. The core of the game as demonstrated here will always remain free so that is awesome. If and when paid content becomes available, I will happily purchase it. Expect more recordings of this game from me in future!

If you want to try the game yourself, go to

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